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1/4 (QUARTER) "OLD COW  Pet Food"  BEEF SHARE=~88 lbs Ground & Bones

1/4 (QUARTER) "OLD COW Pet Food" BEEF SHARE=~88 lbs Ground & Bones


100% grassfed & grassfinished, regenerative, organically raised





Foothill Frolic Farm Live Animal Cost will be the flat fee of what the processing fee ends up being. 

For example, if the processing cost from Russell Meat Packing totals out at $400, then that is what our live animal cost will be as well.  


Russell Meat Packing Processing Cost varies based on hanging weight of animal and on average totals $400-450, which is a complete pass through cost to shareholders.  


Therefore a QUARTER SHARE Cost would be:

Approximate Average Final Price = $106.25 + $106.25 = $212.50


A QUARTER Beef will provide approximately ~87.5 lbs of Ground + Bones

All CUTS (steaks + roasts + normal ground + organs ) are ground and mixed and put into ~2 lbs packages.  

All our old cows are treated the same as our young cows and heifers.  So, other than being older, there is nothing wrong with these cows.  They are just beyond prime breeding and calf rearing, which is why they are being offerred as this product.  


If one was purchasing this qty of REGENERATIVE-100% GRASSFED and GRASSFINISHED-ORGANICALLY RAISED equivalent Ground Beef by the bulk at a retail market/grocery one could expect to pay at least $350.     

**Actually this product would be very hard to find locally, as there is not a real equivalent.  The closest equivalent would be buying bulk, on sale grassfed beef from Earth Fare type of thing,  as the "cheaper, on sale" ground beef that comes form Australia is mostly coming from old cull dairy cows.  Moreover,  these old cull dairy cows are not raised organically.

Another close, but not equivalent, would be the Fresh Pet product.**


By choosing to purchase a LOCAL QUARTER BEEF from Foothill Frolic Farm you are saving at least $137.50!!  


Plus when you purchase a QUARTER BEEF locally from our farm, you are helping to keep cattle out of the conventional industrialized food system, which in turn creates a more vibrant and clean ecosystem for humanity and allows for the most ethical and humane life for our beautiful bovine animals.  When all these are compiled, we as humans can feel OK & GOOD about feeding our pets.   

There have been many studies showing that raw grassfed ground beef + organs is a great diet for our loved carnivore friends.   

This product is 100% pure, No additives, no fillers, no sythetic chemicals...JUST PURE 100% GRASSFED & GRASSFINISHED, REGENERATIVE, ORGANICALLY RAISED BEEF.  Just try reading the long list of ingredients in a store bought manufactured dried dog food!


The VOLUME of SPACE that a QUARTER Custom Beef Share stocks is a 4 cubic ft freezer  


Bear in Mind that all  HALF & QUARTER (any share other than a WHOLE)  "OLD COW PET FOOD" shares will only be processed once a WHOLE  preorder has built up. 

For Example it will take 2 HALF SHARE preorders or 4 QUARTER SHARE  preorders to fullfill a processing time!!  

We will be in communication once preorder is placed to let you know what the timing is looking like for your preorder to be processed and fullfilled.  


** Please read ADDITIONAL INFO SECTIONS, to understand More**



ALL Custom Beef Shares are PRE ORDERS

For now, we are only taking manual/in person payments. Customers/Shareholders $Payment$ will be Due at On Farm Pick Up or Local Home Delivery

Checks and Cash accepted. Checks Payable to Foothill Frolic Farm.

Perhaps soon, Credit Card Check Out Payment will be an option.


The listed price is approximately ~$212.50 because this is the average estimate of what the Final/All inclusive QUARTER live animal custom beef share will cost.   As every whole beef's weight is different, final amount due could be a little more or a little less.  


Custom Beef Shares require that the share holders/owners of the animal are the ones that pay the animal processing fee.  When you purchase a whole live animal custom beef share from Foothill Frolic Farm on Gammon Creek (i.e. Barkley Mills), you then are considered the owner of the live beef animal.  The all inclusive Harvest/Dry Aged Hanging/Processing/Butcher Fee that Russell Meat Packing charges per pound will be passed through directly to you the shareholder. 


Foothill Frolic Farm charges an additional Custom Round Up/Hauling Add on Fee of $100 per WHOLE BEEF.   Therefore, QUARTER share = $25


There is not a 4% TN food tax added to farm products.  When meat is purchased at a grocery store, your meat cost 4% more!!  


Your On-Line Order Receipt represents your purchase of a Foothill Frolic Farm's Live Animal Custom Beef Share/Shares. 



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