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Up and Coming 2024 Processing/Dry Aged Hanging/ Butcher Dates

As many have heard, it is very hard to get into a harvest/processing/dry aged curing/butchering facility and when a farmer finally gets the opportune waiting list call, dates have to be booked at least a year or more in advance. 

For 2024, Foothill Frolic Farm is fortunate to have 18 distributed bookings with Russell Meat Packing in Castlewood, VA.  This means that from May through December we will have custom beef shares to offer.  For customers, that means that custom beef shares can be pre-ordered for a regular supply throughout the 2024 farming season, or pre-ordered all at once to fill your freezer once for a lasting supply.  Whichever route is chosen, the main point to remember is that orders have to be placed before the processing  dates below and before all our live animal custom shares are sold out. 

 As I have spoken about already in a Farm Journal Post, Russell Meat Packing is a great family business, owned and operated by The Couch family.  Russell Meat Packing is a VDACS PERMITTED CUSTOM SLAUGHTER OPERATION.  I have witnessed them work first hand when we had our first steer slaughtered and butchered.  We also talk directly with them, either Matthew or Elizabeth, every time we take our shareholder beefs in for slaughter/processing and when we pick up shareholder's custom beef shares.  They are involved directly in every step of their processing and take much pride and care in the wonderful service they provide.   We are very thankful for their processing and butchering services. 

This list will help customers see when a custom ordered live animal will be taken off the farm and hauled by us to Russell Meat Packing for processing.  On Farm Pick Ups of a particular animal's custom beef share/shares are ready about 2 & 1/2 weeks after a beef animal is taken for processing & butcher.  We will always be in touch with pertinent shareholder dates and info, once once has placed an order and become a Foothill Frolic Farm Custom Beef Shareholder.  

2024 harvest/processing/dry aged hanging/butcher dates:

Feb 1st... ( 3 Beef animals )

April 30th... (3 Beef Animals)

May 6th... (3 Beef Animals)

May 28th... (3 Beef Animals)

June 3rd... (3 Beef Animals)

June 24th...(3 Beef Animals)

July 1st...(3 Beef Animals)

July 23rd...(3 Beef Animals)

August 2nd...(3 Beef Animals)

August 21st...(3 Beef Animals)

September 19th...(3 Beef Animals)

September 26th...(3 Beef Animals)

October 10th...(3 Beef Animals)

October 18th...(3 Beef Animals)

November 8th...(3 Beef Animals)

November 25th...(3 Beef Animals)

December 5th...(3 Beef Animals)

December 30th...(3 Beef Animals)

January 2025 TBA...(3 Beef Animals)

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