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Our Custom Beefs produce very tasty roast cuts and here is the easiest, fail proof way to SLOW COOK any roast cut that would be received in a Foothill Frolic Farm Custom Beef Share.  We have taste tested and kitchen tested this method time and time again.  Just follow below, these simple steps and your custom beef roast cooking will be a success every time.  For this cooking demonstration, a 2 lb Shank Roast was used.  Some would say that this roast would fall at the bottom ranking of roast, which is why we wanted to show this particular one.  If a Shank Roast can turn out splendid, then so does every Foothill Frolic Farm Custom Beef Roast.  


Take Roast out of deep freeze to set out to thaw.  Either set out initially on the counter and then transfer to the fridge or do a compete fridge defrost.  If you choose the later, give your roast at least 12 Hours to defrost, and even with that check to make sure it for certain has defrosted fairly well before it goes into the crock pot.  Please never defrost your roast in the microwave, our beefs deserve better!  If you ever need to speed up the process just place in a bowl of warm water, not boiling, just hot tap water.  Also, a roast will do just fine if its core is still a little frozen when it is placed in the crock-pot.  Remember, do not overthink, this is suppose to eventually become a fluid, thoughtless process.  


Take Roast out of its vacuum sealed package and place it in the crockpot.  

Depending on the size of the roast, 

(this one weighed 2 and a 1/4 pounds)

a good rule of thumb to follow is to always pour enough water in the crock pot to almost engulf the whole roast.  Especially if it is a bone in roast like this shank roast, the water can come just over the top of the highest point of the roast.  Sometimes I will let the water just come to the cusp of the highest point of the roast.  In general, the main point to remember is to put more water than just a cup.  To do what has been explained above, at least 4 cups of water, give or take will be poured into crock-pot. 

Then Add about a 1/2-1 tsp of salt.

Cover and set on LOW.

We like to let roast cook for a 12 Hour period, more than likely it will be done at 9-10 Hours though, especially if it is a boneless roast cut.  By using this slow cooker method one cannot overcook a roast, but a 100% grassfed & grassfinished roast from Foothill Frolic Farm can sure be undercooked.  

It is always a great idea to slow cook a bone in roast longer than a boneless roast anyways as the beef broth then turns out more rich and nutrient dense.  

For example, with this Shank Roast, by looking at it at 6-7 hours and presumed it was done, it would have been rubbery and undercooked, it was not in the "melt in your mouth" stage yet.  It should not be a bother at all to cook your roast from 9pm -9 am or from 7am to 7pm.  Just work out your timing to best meet the needs of your schedule.  



Once the roast is done, it will pull apart ever so nicely.  It will be moist and tender, with great coloring.  It will have completely fallen off the bone and all the connective tissue will have melted away or will just pull away from the meat very easily.  All this is what to look for when trying to determine if a roast cute is done.  If these are not evident then the Foothill Frolic Farm's Roast needs to be cooked longer.  Now I cannot speak for other roast, but this will for certain be the case for all your custom beef roast cuts from Foothill Frolic Farm!

Roast and ground are our favorite any day over steaks! 

So please if you think you only like steaks, please give one of our Traditional Custom Beef Shares, or the Mini Modern Roast Share a try.  



After the Roast is done, there are two options.  

The first being to serve up and enjoy. 

The second option is to let cool and then by eventually transferring to the fridge the fat layer will all rise to the top and it can be skimmed off.  This can be be put our as suet for the birds or used in cooking.  At this pint you are left with the broth, meat, and bones and there are many different routes that can be taken to consume your delicious cooked roast meat and broth.  Our broth is so very delicious and good for you, so please try to use it in your cookings, just to drink, poured over other vegetable or potato fixings on your plate, or to use in sauce or gravy recipes.  


Now remember this recipe just called for 1/2 tsp - 1 tsp of salt and water, that is it.  You will be blown away by how delicious the flavor of the roast is. 

We encourage all shareholders to start out with this basic recipe so you can really experience the real flavor of what East TN custom beef should taste like.  Because keep in mind, every cut of beef you get at the grocery store has either been fed a generic scientific ration of grain for it's last 1-1 1/2 years of life, if not grassfed,  or at best is 100% grassfed, but is coming from a completely different part of the country or continent even.   

Part of what we would like for Locals to experience is the taste that is produced by a beef that has been rotationally grazing on an East TN farm and soil since it's birth.  If you eat beef, this only makes since to keep it 100% local when you have an option to and that is what Foothill Frolic Farm is here to provide!!

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