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Last Chance to PreOrder your Custom Beef for early June Pick Up

Here is a quote from one of our customers that has been a custom beef shareholder of four of Foothill Frolic Farm's Live Animal Beefs....

"I love that I can drive by and see the cows that we will be eating enjoying a great life with natural grazing, fresh air and plenty of company. Allie is a fantastic farmer and you can see her passion for the health of the cows and the removal of chemicals from the farming process the instant you start a conversation. It also doesn’t hurt that the beef tastes amazing!”

Good Saturday to all of our Foothill Frolic Farm's Farm Post Subscribers. We sure hope everyone enjoyed that wonderful rain yesterday afternoon and some through the evening. It seems we have barely been squeaking by from the falling precipitation. We have seemed right on the cusp of dryness this whole spring really and this .8" of rain was very energizing to say the least.

To begin with, let us start with a couple very important announcements:

  • Pre Order Now, only 5 days left, to be able to enjoy Regenerative & 100% Grassfed and Finished LOCAL Beef for the start of summer break...time for outdoor hamburger & steak grilling and easy packed roast beef picnics for outdoor adventures and gatherings!!! Why not share and eat something that has a story of origin, and benefits three life supporting constituents... the people, the animals, and the environment?!

Our next harvest/processing date is coming up very soon....this Thursday, May the 18th.

All custom beef preorders will need to be placed before this date to be able to enjoy your custom beef come early June.

We have almost Pre-sold 2 Beefs for this date and from the last of the two we only have smaller volume quantities of ground beef shares and roast shares available.

But, we do have a third live animal beef lined up and we are booked to take 3 live animals, so if we can get enough preorder commitments in these last 5 days then that would be ideal. Though, the tricky part is, if only 1/2 of the live beef animal sells then we would not take it on our May 18th date. We would hold off till our harvest/processing date we have for June 13th, which would make for late June/early July Pick Up. So, the main point to take away is that summer break is coming up, and there is no better time to enjoy delicious, good for you, LOCAL beef!! If you have been thinking about trying a custom beef share then why not try it now. As we offer our traditional shares in WHOLES all the way down to 1/16th Shares, all we need is anywhere from 1 family to 16 to sell out of our last remaining custom beef for this up and coming processing date.

Our 5% off Promotional is still running...5%MayLOCALBeef, which can be applied to any of our Custom Beef Shares in our Online Shop. 5% discount will be taken from final custom beef share amount due at pick up and will not be shown on your PreOrder check out.

Plus, always keep in mind that the larger the custom beef share, the price per pound lowers. Which is why our WHOLE and 1/2 Custom Beef Shares give a shareholder the best value.

  • MOTHER's DAY POP UP FARM TOUR, SUNDAY May 14th, starting at 2pm.

Please join us and come on out to learn all about what we are doing here at Foothill Frolic Farm. Meet us the Farmers and our cattle herds. We will even have a roast beef sampling for participants to try. Seeing and Tasting is believing, right!! Come curious and leave being a new custom beef shareholder.

Just send a quick text message to Allie at 423 483 7091 to let us know if you or your family will be joining us.

Be sure to dress casual in comfortable walking attire.

Farm tour starts at the White Homeplace Farmhouse on the corner of Hamilton & Minga Roads, just a 1/4 mile off of Highway 75.

Hope to see you here and Happy Mother's Day to all, even the Cows!

Until Next Time, Eat Well and Be Well, and keep Passing Along,

Allie from Foothill Frolic Farm

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