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Custom Beef Harvest Season Begins Today

Good Morning to All from Foothill Frolic Farm on Gammon Creek. Here we are about to wrap up the month of April and it just so happens that the last day of April is the start date of our custom beef harvest season. Our regenerative-rotationally grazed-organically raised beef herds are off to a great spring grazing season. We have three herds rotating currently. When all three herds are added up we are up to about 230 cattle. This includes Mamma Cows and their 2024 spring calves, 3 Breeding Bulls, our 2022 calves that are 2 years old, and our 2023 calves that are our yearlings. Since my last farm post, our spring calving season has about come to a close with 50 calves, and only with 5 to go, every Mamma cow and calf's birth story has been perfect! (SO VERY THANKFUL FOR THIS, ESPECIALLY)

We have been busy sorting, rotating all three of our herds, and working on lots of fencing over on Maple View. We had a great farm tour back on April 6th and Eastenn Dutch and I had a very busy time at our Booth at the Jonesborough Farmer's Market season "Market & Mingle Kick Off this past Saturday. It was a four hour event and I talked to interested custom beef customers the whole time! Not a moment at all to twiddle my thumbs, or really barely enough time to take a sip of coffee.

We are so proud of our 2024 custom beef line up. We have loved them so much and this group of 2 year olds, or almost, have been just such a spectacular group. They seem so calm and content and at ease. They are all such a personal herd. This has been so evident on our farm tours as all the beefs just come right up to our tour wagon and are so comfortable around us and others on our tours. They all are going to make such delicious local beefs, but we all have to admit we will dearly miss them as harvesting starts. It's very hard to find a herd of two year olds that have not been given any chemical applications (dewormers, fly controls, lice controls) or medications or hormones or vaccines or grain, and as I like to say, our custom beefs are the cleanest beefs here in the Tri Cities area!! They started off with their mammas milk for a good 7 months, along with eating only grasses, legumes, forbs, and other green plants, while also always having free choice access to our high quality mineral mix of Organic Thorvin Kelp mixed with Redmond Salt and Diatomaceous Earth. They have developed appropriately and well, like herbivore grazers are suppose to develop and they are beautiful. All these things add up to produce the Foothill Frolic Farm's Custom Beef that so many custom beef shareholder's LOVE. When one compiles our farm's ethics, values, practices, price point, and flavor, our custom beef shares are hard to beet and truly unparalleled.

With Harvest season just beginning today, we have already PreSold 28 Custom Beefs. We will be taking 3 beefs about twice a month for the remainder of the year. Thus, we are PreSold almost up till September, but still have 26 Beefs available from the end of August till the start of 2025. We are so appreciative of all our custom beef shareholders that have PreOrdered and Signed Up for a Custom Beef Share thus far. Please continue to share how much you LOVE your custom beef to neighbors, friends, and family.

If you have not placed a PreOrder Yet, go ahead and give one a try. PreOrder Now and Pay at Pick Up. Here are all our Custom Beef Share Sizes to Choose from, just click on one to learn more and to end up in our Online Custom Beef Shop.

Please enjoy some clips here below of our Herd's and me talking and photos of our Heifer herd in their new paddock over on Maple View, where we have put in weeks of manual fence clearing. Kilovolt reading of electric high tensile fence when we started the fence clearing project was only 1-2, when we finished our Kilovolt reading was almost 10, which you can't get much better than that!

Until Next Time, Eat Well and Be Well and Please Pass Along through your favorite media!,

(even though we have held off on having a social media presence, we are perfectly fine for our readers to share.)

Allison Mills Neal of Foothill Frolic Farm

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