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Farm Happenings

Hustle, Bustle, and git along, little doggies. Hay season started for us on Sunday May 20th and the herds have been keeping on with their rotations. We worked in hay about all of last week, as it was quite the ideal weather for cutting hay. We did not even have to break a sweat because of the little cool spell that was presented. As mentioned before, here in the Holston Community, we have had just the bare minimum of rain this spring, which has kept the grasses green and growing, but without as much thick understory "oomph". We rolled about 86 round bales of hay by the end of the week, which is just a drop in the bucket of the 590 round bales we went through over this past winter.

Our main cattle herd has made it around the farm on their paddock rotations once now, and are on their second complete cycle as we speak. They are in their 12th paddock rotation, which means they have been moved into a new paddock for eating 12 times already. Each time getting that new green grass that is thick, tender, and delicious. This compares to traditional sedentary grazing that would have this herd in the same larger spot ever since they started grazing back on March 31st and in a drier season like this spring, especially, would have left some herds longing for some greener grass.

The same goes with our yearling/two year old herd. They have been on the move ever since they started rotationally grazing back on March 31st and are on their 14th paddock. In fact, while Dad, Eastenn Dutch and I were in Hay, Matthew hauled this herd of 65 from the Mill & Muddy Creek & Hamilton Paddocks back here in our across the road field to start their rotations back here. Let's see here, that means if we added up the times that each herd has moved that adds up to a total of 26 times that we have moved the herds this spring already!!! yes, Foothill Frolic Farm is on the move!

If you want to know a little more of why our farm's custom beef shares are so special, please read all about our cattle practices

It seems as every time I write here, I am able to be happy about a recent rain and her again I could not be happier about today's precipitation accumulation of over 1.7" of rain and it is still falling. This is the most accumulation we have gotten here in a 24 hour period since those dreadful winter rains that aren't well appreciated.

Here are some lovely pictures of our two herds in their rotationally grazed paddocks...

Our Main Herd has about wrapped up their spring calving season with only 2 more Mamma's expecting till complete, totaling out to 50 beautiful calves born to 50 terrific Mamma's! The most recent was just this past Friday when "Watauga Redskin" gave birth to a very unique Baldy bull calf that we named "Linden Harry". Also here is a photo of our prized "G2" mamma cow with her black angus heifer calf "Grass Hidding".

Custom Beef Share Announcements and Availability

We have also been busy fulfilling all our custom beef shareholder's delicious beef shares for May pick up and only have a few customers left to pick up till we empty out our shareholder freezers just in time to fill them again with the two PreSold live custom beefs that we took on May 18th for June Pick Up. We took "Mary Mound", G125H and "Stubborn Starter", G124S.

Our Up and Coming Harvest/Processing Date is June 13th, so if you have been putting off placing your custom beef order, now is the time to do so. June 13th will be the deadline for placing orders for July Pick Up. Also remember, PreOrder Now, then Pay Later at actual pick Up.

Time and Time again our shareholder customers tell us how much they love their custom beef shares from Foothill Frolic Farm and we as well continue to be so pleased and proud of our beefs flavor and quality. If you have not tried our regenerative, 100% grassfed, organically raised beef then you are missing a real treat.

In fact, if you need to taste it to believe, before jumping onto a WHOLE or HALF steer or heifer, and you are sincerely thinking about trying one of our custom beef shares just let us know and for a limited time only we have some extra ground beef pkgs from one of our custom beefs, "TwoFold Charm", G27H. She was such a large heifer that gave us more 85/15 ground beef than expected, so with that we have decided to let interested customers try a package for free. Her ground makes for the most delicious grilled hamburgers and is also really good skillet sauteed with lots of heavy spring greens like Collards, Cabbage or Kale and onion or garlic, as the little bit of extra fat carries all the flavor without having to add any extra olive oil or other sauteeing fat. Plus, we will try to have a roast going so interested customers can also grab a free tasting of our most delicious roast.

Just send a quick text to allie 423 483 7091 and we will try our best to fit you into a quick swing by to grab a pkg of ground beef and a roast tasting.

PreOrder Your Custom Beef Share Now and enjoy your stocked freezer of Foothill Frolic Farm Custom Beef for months to come. Yes, it is really that easy!!

Until Next time, Eat Well and Be Well and Please Pass Along,

Allie of Foothill Frolic Farm on Gammon Creek

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