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2023 Custom Beef Share Launch

We hope this Foothill Frolic Farm Post finds everyone with something to be thankful for in this season of Thanksgiving. So much has come to be since the late summer days back in August and September when I posted last. 2nd cutting of hay wrapped up well, our 2022 live animal beef shares completely Sold Out and the shareholders of "Golden Girl" and "First of Fall Rambler" went home with smiles and sustaining fullfillment, cattle herds kept on rotationally grazing until the dryish fall brought us to feeding out hay a little earlier than normal, 31 of our 52 2022 calves have been weened and are doing well, cousins came a visiting, daily chores continue, and all cattle are looking good and staying quite happy in such pleasent Fall weather. With such a quick overview, hopefully the picture show will make up for the many stories and experiences not shared. I did not want to write to much when the main reason for this Farm Post is to talk about our....

2023 Live Animal Custom Beef Share Line Up and Launch!

For 2023 we will be offering 16+ Live Animals for Custom Beef Shares and customers will be able to start pre-ordering from our ONLINE CUSTOM BEEF SHOP on Monday November 28th.

We are very proud and excited to be able to put forth this 100% grassfed & grassfinished - regenerative Line Up. We sure hope that as many local customers interested in local, healthy grassfed beef will take advantage of this opportunity. As always, please pass on this post to friends and family folk!

Please take a look at the 2023 custom beef share Line-Up, by visiting the Custom Beef Share Shop at our website by clicking on the blue rectangle below. Even though the product collections will not be there until the Monday November 28th Launch, everyone can still look at the Featured Beef Animals and read the other pertinent topics shared on the On-Line Custom Beef Shop like:

Good to Know Info about our live animal custom beef shares

2023 Live Animal Custom Beef Share FORMATS 1 & 2

Up and Coming Processing and Butcher Dates

Live Animal Custom Beef Share Farm Tours

P.S. If you were a Custom Beef Shareholder in 2022, we are looking to post some good customer comments on the website and it would be so wonderful if any of you seemed inspired to send us a quick line that we could share either by text to allie 423 483 7091 or email

Thanks so Much and Until Next Time Eat Well and Be Well,


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