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BEST SLOW COOKED Custom Beef Roast from Foothill Frolic Farm

Please take a look at the new posted "BEST" Slow Cooked custom beef roast Recipe.

The Recipe Shares the whole spill of how we at Foothill Frolic Farm LOVE to prepare our delicious custom beef roast.

Our Roast really are amazing and the proof is in this simple preparation.

The heat is on with the start of July and the cattle herds are eating well and enjoying the shade for certain. Our over seeded clovers have really excelled this year and the cattle are loving it. Thanks for all of you that made it out to the ARC&D Northeast TN farm tour. It really was a most beautiful day filled with fun sights and learning....we loved touring everyone around the farm by way of tractor and hay wagon. We even made the Channel 11 Johnson City, 11 o Clock News, as the good news of the day!!

The barn martins have had a wonderful cyclic time here at the farm this year, like always. They love it here as we are a wonderful habitat for their seasonal breeding stay. Just look at the little ones perched in the nest, waiting for the next bite of insect or worm.

Just finished our last big field if first cutting hay, so this should wrap us up until we hit the haying grounds again for 2nd cutting.

Can anyone guess what found itself in the baler tire, just in time to give us a little hassle at the end of a long day??!!

REMEMBER THE DATE...JULY 12th, early morning 7:00am

is the due date for the next round of Custom BEEF preorders for August Pickup.

PreOrders are filling up, so get yours while you can, before both have completely PreSOLD.

As a reminder, please keep in mind that after the July 12th date passes for August Pickup, the next available pick up is not till September. It is only an advantage to stock your freezer now, there will not be a hint of regret, only guaranteed future taste bud enjoyment!!

Above shows both "Beauty Mark" G122H and "Midnight Splash" G126S, which are both custom beefs for the next processing date. Both have done so well and are going to be both excellent beefs. They were born here back in April & May of 2021 and have lived out a full, proper, healthy, and humane animal life here at Foothill Frolic Farm. They have spent their whole life rotationally grazing with a herd and eating 100% grasses, clovers, & forbs.

They have received the best of a free choice mineral mix that included Thorvin Certified Organic Icelandic geothermally dried Kelp, Redmond Mineral Salt, & Diatomaceous Earth.

All of our beef animals are dearly cared for and loved and we are ever so thankful for all of them and the opportunity we have to raise beef animals in the way that we do.

All these practices transfer directly to the quality and goodness of your custom beef will absolutely love your first bite!

When one decides to support Regenerative & LOCAL Agriculture by purchasing a Custom Beef Share from Foothill Frolic Farm, it truly means so much through practically every aspect of humanity!

Please pass along what we are doing and what we have to offer here through our custom beef share at Foothill Frolic Farm...personal referrals are the best!

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