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Farm Tour Sunday, April 16th

Foothill Frolic Farm on Gammon Creek wanted to remind all shareholder customers and any other interested families or individuals that we are having

a casual farm tour today, Sunday, April 16th @ 1:30pm.

Tour starts at the white Gammon/Mills Homplace on the corner of Hamilton and Minga Rd., just a 1/4 mile off of HWY 75.

Please let us know if you plan on attending by sending a quick text to 423 483 7091 or e-mail

Take a look at these great vintage milk cartons from the old time

Holston Community family dairy!!

We literally pulled them out of the woodworks, I guess one could say. Of course we are not a dairy, but our herds get to rotationally graze and eat hay from the fields of this old family farm in certain segments of a seasonal year.

Foothill Frolic Farm tours are great opportunities to learn more about our REGENERATIVE and 100% GRASSFED & GRASSFINISHED LOCAL beef cattle farm.

This one will be a walking tour, so be sure to wear comfortable shoes and please consider that there is a possibility of rain sprinkles.

We encourage anyone that has become a custom beef shareholder to make it out to one of our farm tours because you get to meet us and our cattle herds and see the farm.

These are also good opportunities for those of you that have an interest in becoming a custom beef shareholder, because you can ask questions and enjoy the company the cattle herds!

It is really a full experience to be able to connect directly to a LOCAL farm and see the live beef animals that you can pre order for custom beef that would end up on your plate.

If your family is interested in a TRADITONAL VARIETY WHOLE BEEF SHARE, you can specifically pick your custom beef exciting is that!!

We truly love our custom beef shareholders, just like we love our cattle and we find it a privilege to be an active LOCAL farm in the Holston Community that is centrally located right here within the Tri Cities. If you have not experienced Regenerative and 100% Grassfed and Grassfinished Custom Beef we hope you will consider giving it a try.

All of our 3 custom beef animals for April 21st harvest/processing, May Farm Pick Up have SOLD OUT.

WOW...these 3 live animal custom beefs will end up putting a little over 1,000 pounds of edible, regenerative beef product on local's tables and my friends, this is what local beef farming is all about....


Again, we THANK those of you SO VERY MUCH that have become custom beef shareholders. Thanks for taking the effort to eat well and to support all the endless hard works of Regenerative, 100% Grassfed, and LOCAL farming.

Foothill Frolic Farm's beef is truly not only GOOD for YOU, but has GREAT AUTHENTIC FLAVOR as well.

Custom Beef Share Pre Orders are still available and open for June, July, August, and October, but shares for June are already disappearing so ORDER SOON to make sure you can at least get a live custom beef share for then!!

Until Next time, Eat Well and Be Well and if you LIKE us, let other people know!

Allison Mills Neal

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