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FIVE Day Countdown ...5,4,3,2,1...HighFIVEBeef Promotional

HIGH FIVES all around, with Foothill Frolic Farm's Custom Beef Shares!

We have been working hard in the hay fields putting up grasses and clovers for the winter season herd feedings!

Five Day countdown till next live animal custom beefs are harvested and we are promoting 5 days of FIVE.

Custom Beef Shares are available in WHOLES all the way down to 1/16th of a Beef.

Here is our Five Day Campaign Promotional.....HighFIVEBeef....just type in at the NOTE section when placing order and discount will be taken from Custom Beef Share at Pick Up.

WHOLE Custom Beef: $95 Dollars Off

Half (1/2) Beef: $45 Dollars Off

Quarter (1/4th) Beef: $25 Dollars Off

Eight (1/8th) Beef: $15 Dollars Off

Sixteenth (1/16th) Beef: $5 Dollars Off

Every month we continue to make our Custom Beef Shareholders so happy!

Here is a quote from one of our families that purchased a Traditional Variety WHOLE Custom Beef...

"I wanted to say we grilled a fillet last night for dinner and my, oh my it was delicious!

Thank you so much for raising beautiful, healthy, delicious, cows!"

Lindsey E. , purchaser/shareholder of "Mary Mound", G125H, Custom WHOLE Beef Heifer

There have been so many new subscribers to our Farm Journal Post, so we know there is quite the interest!!

Please act now and take this opportunity to place your PreOrder Now for July Pick Up.

Order Now and Pay at Pick UP. It is just a Click Away for your family to be able to enjoy delicious beef in July.

Eat Well and Be Well and Please Share!!

Allie of Foothill Frolic Farm on Gammon Creek

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