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Fresh Dug Potatoes, Farm Tours, & Best Beefs Ever!

Foothill Frolic Farm at a Glance...

On a 100% grassfed & grassfinished -- regenerative cattle farm, there is no better way in the summer to end a month and start a month with some much needed unprecedented rains, and that is just what happened here at the end of July and start of August. For the two week period from July 30th through August 15th we have received 7.6" of rain, while for the months of May, June, & July we had received only 8.5" total. To say the least, the farm has seen the most transformative, explosive green growth here in the last two weeks than we have seen all year really. Since my last post we have been kept busy with cattle rotations, blackberry picking, last of first cutting hay, miles of fence maintenance, bushhogging, yearling/2 year old's getting to take advantage of some delicious summer hay baleage, manual weed collections, rain dancing, the annual summer visit from my sister and her family, custom beef shareholder on farm pick ups, the start of school, and to cap it off....Eastenn Dutch's 9th Birthday Simple Farm Celebration.

We are just about to dive into 2nd cutting hay season come tomorrow, which will keep us quite busy for the next month I am sure. Plus we have a lot of great up and coming happenings and offerings that you can find below.

Here are some visual representations of the above commentary...

Foothill Frolic Farm's Updated Happenings and New Product Offerings

FRESH DUG, regenerative--organically grown POTATOES are available NOW for ORDER

Fall Farm Tour Launch

Come on out to Learn all about our Custom Beefs and our Regenerative Practices

Take a Look at our Lovely Line Up Rotating....

Check out our new Fall Custom Beef SHARE Flat Rate Offerings...

Simply put, Excellent Quality 100% grassfed & grassfinished, regenerative, and organically raised Beefs, from "birth to beef", for Absolutely Reasonable Pricing...

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed.

Next PreOrder Due Date is Sept. 18th, for October Pick Up.

PreOrder while you can, before this date fills up and becomes Sold Out!

Until next time Eat Well, and Be Well, and Please Share,

Allison Mills Neal of Foothill Frolic Farm on Gammon Creek

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