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Hats off to "Flurry" and the 1st Calf of the 2023 Season, "Heron Boy"

Foothill Frolic Farm officially started our 2023 main calving season on Saturday March 11th.

Our first Mamma to get us going was one of our saved Heifers, "Flurry".

As she was a Heifer, this was her first calving experience and she went through the natural rhythm beautifully.

Soon after Flurry had her new bull calf, a blue heron glided right over the pair only about 5 feet over head, so "Heron Boy" he became.

I can still remember the day that Flurry herself was born back on February 8th, 2020. It was a breezy, brisk day and the sky was spitting snow, hence her name.

Flurry's Mamma, G3, is still one of our leading Mamma Cows and is known for raising excellent calves.

After "Heron Boy's" birth, we have had three more calves..."Redbud", "Rainbow Bright", and "St. Patty". Each calf/cow pair is thriving and doing well. Only about 56 more to go!!

These type of memories and records is what our REGENERATIVE farm is made of. Every beef animal has a story and we feel it is important for our custom beef shareholders to hear them. Every live animal custom beef has been born and raised on this farm and we can tell their whole story from Birth to Beef.

As I have been involved in locally grown, organic agriculture for the past 17 years and have "walked the walk and eaten the talk", Foothill Frolic Farm's custom beef shares are indeed a pretty spectacular offering.

So please, do not miss out on an opportunity to eat HEALTHY, LOCAL, & 100% GRASSFED beef.

For all of you out there that are interested in PRE ORDERING Custom Beef Shares, both of our Custom Beefs, "Hang Ten", & "Blazing Barista", for May Pick Up, offered in the Traditional Variety Type Shares, have completely SOLD OUT.

Therefore, PRE ORDERS will roll right along to the pick up month of June for Custom Beefs offered in the Traditional Variety Type Shares.

As far as the Custom Beefs offered in the Modern Mini Type Shares, there are still some Ground Beef Shares, and Roast & Stew Shares for May Pick Up Available from "Two Fold Charm".

Pre Order soon, to make sure you have some Foothill Frolic Farm Custom Beef Shares to enjoy in the month of May, before these sell out as well!

We are so glad that Dad... ie "Grampy", has made it back into the fields after his first round of Hip Surgery. All went really well, and he has a few weeks of being able to be out and about before his last segment of Hip Surgery. As one can imagine, farmers have a hard time being stuck inside and staying still. Tribute...79 years of age and still at it!! One cow, which just happened to be his favorite, G22, actually leaped and bound and bawled when she saw him.

Finally, for closing....take a look at these videos...

The incredible Eastenn Dutch and his unbelievable Calf, "Friday the 13th"

Eat Well and Be Well, an Until Next Time,

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