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Hop on Now...Custom Roast Shares...Final Hours to PreOrder

Final Hours to become a Foothill Frolic Farm Custom Beef Roast Shareholder for the harvest/processing date of today Thursday, May 18th.

PreOrder Now and get your custom beef roast share around the first of June.

We have sure been enjoying Shank Roast and Brisket Roast over this past week and we know you would love them too! Did you know that Foothill Frolic Farm loves roast cuts and when a live animal gets processed our shareholders get a superb selection of a variety of roast. There are so many beef roast cuts other than chuck roast and it is most appropriate over time try them all, as they all are unique and delicious in their own way. Our Custom Roast Shares are a great way to try Foothill Frolic Farms custom beef shares for the first time.

As these Custom Roast Shares are the only custom beef shares that are remaining (other than an Organ Share) from "Stubborn Starter", G124S, a black angus steer, preorders can be excepted up through about 12 noon. If you do not get in on a preorder now, you will have to wait till we take our next group of live animal custom beefs on June 13th, therefore, not receiving your custom beef share until later June.

Hop on Board Now with Allie and "Black Beauty", L1 and join us in celebrating delicious


from your favorite farm..... Foothill Frolic Farm on Gammon Creek.

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