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"I was raised on Country Sunshine"

Good "First Saturday" of the month of November and if you do not know what that means, then please let me remind you.....FARM TOUR DAY.

It is going to be an absolutely lovely Fall day, so what better thing to do than to come on out and grab some "Country Sunshine" on Foothill Frolic Farm and listen to the old time time tune title!!

These tours are our way of welcoming interested custom beef share customers, existing custom beef shareholders, and those of you that just have a curiosity of what 100% grassfed-regenerative-organically raised cattle farming really is. We love to show the REAL aspects of our farm and how we are not just a brand, but that we are an actual working family farm...we manage, we work, we market, we care and love our cattle herds, we handle customer relations, we handle processing/butchering, and we handle on farm picks ups of custom beef shares.

Our prides and joys are raised from "BIRTH TO BEEF" on Foothill Frolic Farm and they love us for this and so do our shareholder customers.

Take a look below at our last FARM TOUR in Oct. We do hope you will try to make it out.

Updates on Custom Beef Share Inventory

We officially SOLD OUT of our 2023 Custom Beefs back in mid September, and therefore we reached our Farm's goal of pre-selling 17 WHOLE BEEFS for our 2023 season, and we have 2 remaining processing dates at the end of this month and in January that will conclude our custom beef harvest for this season. We apologize to all of you that wanted to Pre-Order , but could not, as all shares had already pre-sold.

We have already opened our online PreOrder Beef Shop for our 2024 season. Beef Harvesting will start in Late April and will continue on in a rolling fashion till all Custom Beefs reserved for our our 2024 season have been harvested. We are already into the PRE-SELL of our 6th Beef of the 2024 season and it is just now November. For every 4-6 live beefs pre-sold, the on- farm pick up date scoots forward a month. So, if on farm pick ups start in May, we are already into June, then July, August, Sept....the point to note is that the longer you wait to Pre-Order the further down the list you will be for the 2024 season. Please plan ahead and go ahead and take time to place your Pre Order Now so your Delicious Custom Beef will be lined up and we will not have any disappointed customers! PRE ORDER NOW and PAY AT PICKUP...Simple as PUMPKIN PIE!

The end of summer, start of Fall proved to be quite dry and hot in our neck of the woods here in the Holston Community. We had practically 6 weeks of no precipitation, which left us a little dry and for certain shortened our final rotations. Meaning, if we would have gotten just a little rain, we could have made one more complete large herd rotation, and our yearling herd would have had a way more thick and lush 30 acre field to rotate through, which could have pushed hay feeding season till end of November instead of start of Nov. Nonetheless, we have been pleased that we had enough rotations reserved to have really only started feeding hay at large here recently at the first of November. Considering our lack of rain, we were fairly pleased with the timing and there are still some reserved green grazings that will allow for breaks in hay feeding in the month of November.

We have gotten all our 2023 born calves tagged with the new color of reddish-orange for the 2023 farming season.

The herds have sure enjoyed the turn of cold with these brilliant sunny days. Dream weather for both cattle and farmer's really!!

Included is a picture of my favorite 2022 calf, now a yearling, "Rodeo Roscoe" G129S...what a champ!

The cattle always love getting in on their turn of licks to their mineral/salt/kelp feeders.

Until Next time, Eat Well and Be Well!

Allison Mills Neal from Foothill Frolic Farm on Gammon Creek

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