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Local Beef is What's for Dinner!

Hello from Foothill Frolic Farm on Gammon Creek. We want to thank all of you, thus far, that have pre-ordered a custom beef share and we hope you are looking forward to receiving your "Golden Girl" beef come the end of August! Please keep passing along our custom beef share info to friends, family, and work colleagues.

Here above is "Watauga Redskin" Mamma, L18, with bull calf named "Allegheny Heat". He was born back on July 6th, and is about 1 month old here. He was our 48th and last of the spring/summer calves to be born in 2022. Also, take a look at the long, 1.6 lb raw skirt steak. It being marinated in a homemade lime, garlic, parsley, and olive oil marinade, to then be put on the grill. Absolutely Delicious!

Thus far, there has been 17 families/individuals that have purchased custom beef shares from "Golden Girl." All of the Steak Shares are SOLD OUT, and as of current, there is only ONE MORE Roast & Stew Share to grab onto. Out of the 36 Ground Beef Shares, 20 have sold and therefore we still need to find a Good "Kitchen & Table & Plate" for 16 more shares. Please keep passing along our custom beef share info to friends, family, and work colleagues. Help us make local beef is what's for dinner!!

One Custom Ground Beef Share equals about 4.25 pounds of delicious, 90/10, regenerative-grassed-organically raised , ground beef. You as a customer will have till the morning of August 11th, to purchase "Golden Girl's" custom beef shares. Please visit our Online Custom Beef and Veggie Shop to order.

If you have never had the opportunity to purchase a custom beef share, this is a great offering to start with. Foothill Frolic Farm has worked with "Golden Girl" ever since she was born, on farm, back in the summer of 2020. As a consumer, there are not many products, edible or non-edible, that has taken two years to complete. As a "birth to beef" cattle farm, we have to work with our cattle for TWO YEARS before we can offer them as custom beef shares. Imagine going to work for two years without getting paid, and working quite hard at that, to be able to offer a unique food product that otherwise would not be available in the Tri-Cities. These Custom Beef shares are a cumulative daily work effort that spans three generations, and we are very proud of the beef product that we are putting forth. We tip our work hats off though, to the "stars," our cattle!!

Those of you who do sign up for a Custom Beef Share, do not forget the opportunity to participate in our Custom Beef Share Farm Tour. More info about this on our SHOP page.

One is coming up here in a couple days...Sunday August 7th at 4:30. Then, there is one on Sunday Sept. 11th at 4:30. We are doing these to help facilitate a better understanding of regenerative-grassfed-organically raised agriculture and to help families and individuals understand the connection between local farms and the food that ends up on a plate at the table. Plus it allows our customers to connect directly with Foothill Frolic Farm's family farmers, land, and animals.

Here is an easy way this summer to enjoy our ground beef. Again, like the picture above, this came from the Publication called the Panorama Perspective, which can be found at Earth Fare Grocery.

If you ended up missing out on the Custom Roast Shares and Steak Shares, keep in mind, coming up on August 12th, we will be posting "First of Fall Rambler's" Custom Beef Shares. This will be a whole other opportunity to get in on Foothill Frolic Farm's custom beef shares. If you have not already, please sign up for Allie's Farm Journal Post so you will know when new beef share offerings become available in our On-Line Custom Beef & Veggie SHOP.

Here below is a great cut sheet that I have used for years in helping to understand and remember where different cuts of meat are cut from a beef carcuss.

Oh and do not forget about our regenerative-organically grown POTATOES. The more lbs you buy then the more you save. 5 lbs + are 1.50/lb. Potatoes can be ordered at the Online Beef & Veggie Shop.

Thanks and have a great weekend.

Be Well, Eat Well, and Until Next Time,

Allison Mills Neal

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