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New Summer Custom Beef Share Line Up...Ground Beef, Roast, Steaks, and Bones.

Summer Sun Fun...

Foothill Frolic Farm on Gammon Creek is pleased to present our new summer Custom Beef Share Line-up.

The summer season is a great time for grilling and slow roasting meats that then can be used for multiple quick and easy summer meals.

To learn LOTS MORE about our new Custom Beef Share Line Up Click Here.

Please visit our On-Line Custom Beef and Veggie Shop to SHOP NOW.

In the Beef and Veggie Shop you will find Ground Beef Shares, Roast and Stew Shares, Steak Shares, and Bone & Liver Shares. Beautiful and Tasty Adirondack Potatoes are there as well and what is Beef without some Potatoes!

To get in on this up and coming "Golden Girl" Custom Beef Share, pre-book your custom share before they are all gone. When you pre-book and purchase a Custom Beef Share you will have the opportunity to participate in a Custom Beef Share Farm Tour.

Please pass along this farm journal post, so others too can know about Foothill Frolic Farm's delicious & nutritious local farm products.

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