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Only 11 days Left for "Golden Girl" Custom Beef Share Orders

What a lovely week of good rains here at Foothill Frolic Farm on Gammon Creek. We received about 2.3" last week and forcast say we are to get more here over the next couple of days. Our wild flock of Geese finally flew in today...58 of them. We love it when they decide to show up, as they are good partners with the cows! When rains keep a coming and that sunshine keeps a shining then the cows and us farmers keep on a smiling, because that grass just hums right along reaching up to the solar rays in record speeds!! You as a local grass fed beef customer, should feel a little pep in your step as well, because now you are understanding how you fit into the local farming picture. By purchasing Foothill Frolic Farm's healthy and delicious custom beef shares, you become an important piece of local farming. Moreover, with time, you will feel a stronger connection to the seasons and weather and its implications to nature's cycles and regenerative farming. We always are at the mercy of the weather, no matter how hard we work and plan. We cannot just pick up the farm, and all it's life and move it inside. I guess that is why we feel such strong connections to the skies, soils and the cyclic rythms of nature...we are a cog in nature's big ole spinning wheel.

I would like to remind everyone of our Custom Beef Shares that are now available in the On-Line Custom Beef and Veggie Shop. Look at this good looking Foothill Frolic Farm Beef Arm Roast that I pulled out of the freezer yesterday to defrost. First thing this morning I put it in the crock pot, with about 3/4 tsp of salt and 2 cups of water. Easy, Delicious and it will be ready for supper. Arm Roast are my favorite roast!! The opportunity to start purchasing such high quality beef cuts at such reasonable prices should not be overlooked. This is a great offering to anyone living here in the Tri-Cities. Think of how much neater it is to be able to walk out into a field and select your meat than it is walking into a cold grocery store. You get to know your farmer, you get to smell the air, you get to touch the grass, you get to ask questions, your get to see the beauty, you get to rest assure that the animal was born and raised right here on the farm, and you get to know that our farming practices are fully transparent...100% regenerative, grassfed, organically raised. I know we are hitting excellent price points if you are use to purchasing certified organic, grassfed meats at the grocery. We are also wanting conventional meat shoppers to be able to transition, to a much better for you, local beef product as well. For curiosity, I looked into Ingles meat department and our prices are right at or within a $1 of what conventional beef meat is going for there. Again, our beef shares are not even comparable to the conventional farming practices that went into the meat that Ingles offers. We are in a class way above. So, if I lived in the Tri Cities and I knew that I could put forth on my families table a better meat at a comparable price then I know I would choose Foothill Frolic Farm's Custom Beef Shares! If you purchase beef meat at a grocery store, please consider making a switch. In some ways, custom beef shares are even more convenient than purchasing single cuts from a grocery.

I have been use to eating custom beef shares out of the freezer for a long time and if I were a new customer I would take part in at least 3 shares of meat. Of course every families eating rituals and routines are different, but if you are a beef meat eater, you probably eat at least 1 lb of ground beef a week, I know we do at minimum. So, if you would like to have ground beef for a couple of months, then it would be EASY to purchase 2 of our ground beef shares, which would give you approximately 8 lbs of ground beef. We do at least 1 Beef Roast a week, so if I wanted 1 Roast a Week for 2 months then I would want to purchase 2 Roast Shares, which would give me 8 Roast. The great thing about purchasing all these shares at once, is that as a Mom, Husband, Wife, or Partner, you do not have to think about what meat needs to be gotten at the grocery store this every week, because there is a nice little stock pile in your freezer. 2 Custom Roast Shares, and 2 Ground Beef Shares do not take up much space and easily can fit in a regular freezer. Also, with the Custom Beef Roast Shares, you get an incredible assortment of different roast that cannot be purchased in the grocery store. The most basic roast and the one that is mostly available is the chuck, but there are 10 other delectable roast cuts too!! Also, when you get at leat 3-4 shares of Foothill Frolic Farm's beef then your on farm pick up trip is well worth it.

How to Purchase Foothill Frolic Farm's Custom Beef Shares...6 Quick and Easy Steps

Here I am going to write a quick step process of how one goes about ordering a Custom Beef Share from Foothill Frolic Farm , if you do not want to read all the INFO that we have one our website under Cattle Farming Practices, or at the On Line Custom Beef Share & Veggie Shop.

1. Most importantly...This current round of Custom Beef Shares from "Golden Girl" need to be booked/ordered no later than August 11th.

3. Think about how many months of beef you would like to purchase for.

For example, I know our family eats 1 lb of ground beef a week and 1 Beef Roast a Week, supplementing here and there with steaks. Plus, I sometimes like to make a batch of beef bone broth. So, if I wanted to purchase for 2 months, (generally I would purchase for at least 4 months, but because I know I will have one more opportunity to purchase more shares for the winter with the First of Fall Rambler processing date, that is coming up on September 15), then I would purchase 2 Ground Beef Shares and 2 Roast Shares, 1 Steak Share, and 1 Bone and Liver Share. It sure feels good to know that one has an excellent Beef protein to use in meal preperation for 2 months. No more looking, no more shopping...just fun ahead in the kitchen!!

4. Scroll down to the Custom Beef Share product offerings and select what Custom beef shares you would like. There are Ground Beef Shares, Roast & Stew Shares, Steak Shares, and Bone and Liver Shares. When you click on a product you can read more about it and Order.

5. Once you book/order your "Golden Girl" Beef Share, it will be ready for pick up on the week of August 29th, after processing and butchering is complete. You can either pay at the ON Farm Pick Up, or at the Custom Beef Share Farm Tour.

6. IF you purchase a Custom Beef Share then you are invited to take part in a Farm Tour that allows you and your family to walk in the fields and see the cattle and learn more about our regenerative, grassfed, organically raised farming practices. These tours are on August the 7th and September the 11th.

Here in closing I have included a great Grass Fed Beef article that I found in a Panorama Publication. Please take a read if you have the time.

Until Next Time, Eat Well and Be Well,

Allie Mills Neal

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