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SAVE 5% Promo ... PreOrder Custom Beef April 30th-May 17th

Please take advantage of our May Promotional that runs from April 30th-May 17th... 5% off of any Foothill Frolic Farm Custom Beef Share Pre-Order. When checking out of our On Line SHOP, in the NOTE section, just type in 5%MayLOCALBeef. 5% discount will be taken from final custom beef share amount due at pick up and will not be shown on your PreOrder check out.

When custom beef pre order is placed by May 17th, you will be able to taste the difference of our regenerative, grassfed, organically raised live animal custom beefs in June. It is simple, pre order in May and either pick up on Farm or opt for a local delivery in June. This promotional applies to any pre-order made in this time period and can be for any of our pick up/delivery months, not just for June!

The Mills Neal Family and the beautiful cattle herds here at Foothill Frolic Farm on Gammon Creek are working very hard to offer families here in the Tri Cities a delicious regenerative AND 100% grassfed & finished custom beef selection and we want to get to share it with as many families as possible. Both herds have been rotationally grazing now for a whole month and they are loving it. Everyone was very thankful for the rains we got over the weekend..... .8". Every rain in the spring comes with much delight. The captions above are of our yearling/two year old herd and their current rotational grazing paddock...a herd of 67 live cattle can sure move full force ahead when it comes to grazing in the spring.

By choosing our local custom beef, you are making positive impacts on humanity in so many fronts... Human Health & Well Being, Animal Welfare, Synthetic Chemical Pollution, Soil Health, and Carbon Sequestering.

Hence our motto..." improving soil, land, and health one 'graze' at a time.

There is article after article, talking the brilliance of this type of regenerative, synthetic chemical free farming. The Savory Institute has a great wealth of informative articles and so does the Regenerative Beef Company Force of Nature.

Who would have thought it, just by participating in such a basic act, eating delicious beef around your kitchen table, could have such lasting and profound effects. Well, it is true and this is the essence of why Foothill Frolic Farm is doing what we are doing. So please, Step Up, Sit Down to the Plate and Join Us. There are so many great eatings to be had, so let's get to it and enjoy!

PreOrdering Live Animal Custom Beef Shares in Bulk Volume Pays Off

By the way, did you know that when you purchase one of Foothill Frolic Farm's WHOLE CUSTOM BEEFS that your Live Animal PreOrder purchase translates into paying only ~$8.02/pound for all the approx. ~338 pounds of edible meat (steaks, roast, ground beef), bone, and organ parts that you would be receiving. Then out of that $8.02, $1.26-$1.32/pound goes straight to Russell Meat Packing for their processing services, which means only $6.76-6.70/pound, comes back to the farm. By looking at it from a hanging weight perspective, a beef that hangs at 485 pounds would translate into a hanging weight price/pound of ~$5.58, which includes Live Animal PreOrder purchase and all of Russell Meat Packing Processing Fees.

As these prices/pound portray, Foothill Frolic Farm has tried our absolute best to price mark our custom beef shares very reasonably, to encourage new customer support for regenerative agriculture and to exemplify excellent whole food value.

We love our beefs and we want you to give it a try so you can love them too!! It is our WHOLE CUSTOM BEEF that has the best price point per pound, as we like to encourage potential customer shareholders to purchase in bulk. As the Tradtional Variety Shares go down in size/beef volume, PreOrder purchase cost translates into a higher price per pound. So to compare, the Traditional Variety 1/16th Custom Beef Share is approx.~ $8.65/lb, where as the 1/2 Custom Beef Share is approx.~8.25/lb, which then compares to the WHOLE custom Beef that is talked about above at approx.~8.02/lb.

Our Modern Mini Shares are also priced to encourage bulk order as well. For example, our Modern Mini Custom Beef Ground Shares can be purchased in 1/32nd, 1/16th, 1/8th, 1/4th, 1/2, and WHOLE Live Animal shares. These Live Animal PreOrder shares translate into a Price range that starts at ~$8.39/lb for a 1/32nd ground beef share and goes down to ~$7.85/lb for a WHOLE ground beef share.

Eat Well & Be Well & Please Share,

Allison Mills Neal

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