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Self Serve Farmstand OPEN & Ground Beef Shares Available NOW

Updated: Jul 22, 2022

Good afternoon to all! The Spring Season of 2022 has been quite lovely and the cattle herds have been enjoying their rotational paddock grazing for the last 6 weeks. Our main herd has already moved through 10 rotational paddocks. We are about to wrap up the spring calving season with 43 good looking healthy calves thus far. Plus, with a lot of clearing and fencing work, we have gotten our yearlings to a fresh new thick grazing paddock in which they love. We have gotten one quick round of haying done and hope to start in full force this coming weekend, in any three consecutive dry day intervals! Then somehow intermits all this, I got some spring veggie greens a growing and lots of potatoes planted.

Mainly, I wanted to let everyone know that the Foothill Frolic Farm Self Serve Farmstand is OPEN. As of this morning the 25th, there is a cooler full of fresh picked greens, all regenerative-organically grown as always! Everything is $2.00/Bunch or Bag.

  • Young Rainbow Swiss Chard Bunches

  • Baby Russian and Scotch Kale Bunches/Bags

  • Bagged Spring Giant Spinach

Also, as our main goal here is to have available 100% grassfed-regenerative-organically raised beef, I am proud to announce that we finally got to have our first steer butchered at the great family owned business of Russell Meat Packing in Castlewood, VA. I was even allowed to watch the butchering of our great 22 month old steer, Hayes June. He was born here on the farm to a great ole long time Mamma Cow named Hazel on June 11th in 2020. Moving forward, we plan on working with Russell Meat Packing so we can offer our finished out cattle, in meat share units, directly to local customers. More info on this coming soon, but for now we have Ground Beef Shares for sell.

Please pass this farm post along to anyone that you think would be interested in signing up for our beef shares. We plan on having a few very casual beef tasting and farm tour events this year, so it is good to sign up to our Farm Post by going to and signing up to Allie's Farm Post. These will be great opportunities for families and individuals to taste what our meat taste like, to see our cattle and fields, to learn what goes into raising from BIRTH to BUTCHER 100% grass-fed-regenerative-organically raised animals, and to sign up for our cattle meat shares.

Our farm's beef meat is truly delicious and is so very good for you as it is 100% grassfed-regenerative-organically raised. If you have been keeping up with our farm these last couple of years, and you are a beef eater, please give our ground beef a try.

Available Now...100% grassfed-regenerative-organically grown Ground Beef Shares.

1/34th Ground Beef Share (which is the equivalent to about 4 pounds) = $26.00

Limited Shares as this is just from the one butchered steer. Sold on a first text message, first serve basis.

To purchase just send Allie Mills Neal a text at 423 483 7091 and let me know your name and that you would like to purchase a ground beef share and which pick up time, listed below. You can specify what arrangement of 1 and 2 lb packages that you would like to get to the 4 lb Beef share qty....

For example, 4 x 1 pounds or 2 x 2 pounds or 2 x 1 pound and 1 x 2 pound

Pick up times for this weekend are as follows:

Friday May 27th from 4-5pm

Saturday May 28th from 11am-12 noon

For now you can just pay by check or cash at pick-up. Moving forward though, you as a customer will be able to purchase beef shares and book beef tastings and tours directly from the Foothill Frolic Farm on Gammon Creek's website.

Please, and if you have any questions just send me an e-mail or message 423 483 7091

Thanks so much,

Allison Mills Neal

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