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Think Ahead...PreOrder Now...for December/February Pick Up

Let's Start with the MOST PERTINENT Farm Announcement...

We have ABOUT SOLD OUT of all of our 2023 live animal custom beefs! Our farm is so grateful for the "End of Summer" "Surge in Support" of our Regenerative-100% Grassfed/Grassfinished custom beefs.

A BIG THANKS goes out to all of you that have placed a preorder for October or December Pick Up!

This is the first time this season that we have PreSold 5 custom beefs ahead of their processing dates.

We will be taking 3 beautiful beefs tomorrow, Sept. 18th., which will be for October Shareholder Pick ups.

Here below you can see "Midnight Splash", a Baldy Angus x Hereford Cross steer, "Carney Butter", a brownish tan Angus X Hereford Cross heifer, and "Hidden Firecracker", a reddish brown Angus X Hereford Cross steer.


As you can see, each one is beautiful and each will offer high quality beef. They have been very well taken care of and allowed to live the best yearling/calf life that they could with their friendly herd and farmer's until processing date, only partaking in grasses, clovers, forbs, and high quality certified organic Thorvin Kelp and Redmond Beef Mineral Salt.

Unbelievably so, in terms of modern industrial cattle farming, they have not been given ANY

synthetic chemical controls like de-wormers, de-licers, fly controls, vaccines, hormones, or antibiotics!! This is what our signature custom beef shares are all about, hence our logo...

Rotationally Grazed Beef Cattle

Regenerative AND 100% Grassfed

"improving soil, land, and health one graze at a time"

"The next processing date is Nov. 21st and that will be for December Shareholder Pick Ups. We only have THREE-QUARTERS of a beef left for this pick up date. Then the very last possibility for ordering a custom beef share from our 2023 custom beef animals will be by January 16th and this date will be for our very last offered custom beef, "Island Girl".

Here is one of our PreSold Custom Beef Steers for the Nov.21st processing date, "July Hume", an Angus X Hereford Cross (he has lost his tag out in the field over the last month, but as we know every single animal by look we know exactly who he is!)

We think this is VERY IMPORTANT information because this marks the last opportunity to put delicious Foothill FrolicFarm Custom Beef in your freezer till we start taking our 2024 live custom beefs in May of 2024, for June Pick Up.

Our 2024 live beefs are going to be excellent as we have been raising them out in good regenerative fashion, like always, since they were born here back in 2022.

If you have been a custom beef shareholder this year and know for certain you are going to want to PreOrder a Custom Beef Share for 2024, we are going to have a 2024 Pre-Order option in our OnLine Beef SHOP so you can go ahead and get on the waiting list and secure your 2024 Custom Beef Pre-Order.

There is no payment required till on farm pick up so it only is to your benefit to go ahead and get your Pre-Order Share set up for your best 2024 Beef Eating Experience.

Now for the other minor Foothill Frolic Farm Tidbits...

We had been on a waiting list to be able to participate in the Jonesborough Farmer's Market, in quaint and beautiful downtown Jonesborough, and we finally got worked in for a a handful of showings this late summer/early fall! Eastenn Dutch and I have had a good time going to sell our fresh dug regenerative-organically grown potatoes and to Market our Custom Beef Shares. We have enjoyed speaking with many interested customers. Families have sure enjoyed finding out about a LOCAL source of Regenerative-100% Grassfed/Grassfinished Beef.

For the last month we have been extra busy cutting, raking, and rolling hay, we are getting closer to our goal of over 600 Round Bales. The weather has sure cooperated with not having to worry about the hay getting wet, before we get it rolled into hay bales, but the flip side of that is that we are heading into the first days of Fall VERY DRY. After we had that wonderful surge of rain in early August, the precipitation has been extremely meager, which might sound odd to hear as I think just to the South and North, and perhaps to the west and the east, plenty of rain has fallen. Weather goes this way for farmer's and it is hard to not get frustrated, but it is what it is and we have to continue on with our good works despite the present natural set back. More rain for the last month of good growth can really help out with fall rotations, but no matter of planning or management will make that rain fall!

Back to Haying, we are fortunate to have one of the best made Vermeer Balers...a 1994 Special Edition Model 504 Super I. It seems like it keeps on going, right along with our 1994 Ford, and our very own extraordinaire hayer Barkley Mills "grampy". He rolls right in with the 4's as he was born in 1944. He maintains all the equipment and keeps everything purring right along, despite all the occasional hiccups that happen in a full haying season.

Also, please, mark your calendar for our "FIRST SATURDAY OF EVERY MONTH FARM TOURS"!

All the girls below would like to see you come on out for a farm tour..."Veggie Girl", "Lickidie Split Mamma", "Magic Mamma", and "Sahara Wind", which is going to be a having her first calf this fall!

You can see the "real scoop of dirt" on what we spend all our time here working on and how we area always staying on the move with our over 180 count, Cow/Calf/Yearling Herds!

Until Next Time, Eat Well, and Be Well,

Allie Mills Neal from Foothill Frolic Farm on Gammon Creek

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