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New Arrival..."First of Fall Rambler" Custom Beef Shares

"How do", to all of you on this wonderfully pleasant mid August Day. Wow, the cooler nights, and low 80's during the days have felt so good. The sky has been ever so generous to the ground lately with the plentiful summer showers. The bright green and lush grasses are sure showing off their thankfulnesses. The cattle are so eager to keep eating the bounty of nature, which puts them much in the Frolicing spirit. The flipside to all this positive energy, is that the continual moisture is making it difficult to get going on 2nd cutting summer hay. Dad, Eastenn Dutch and I hit a three day window over the weekend and were quite pleased. Eastenn Dutch celebrated his 8 year birthday out in the field... (don't worry, it's not all work, we squeezed in some family festivities that involved boating, homemade carrot cake, and beef lasagna...all his favorites, other than farming of course!).

We had our oldest matriarch Cow, Hazel, pass away last week. We think she could have been almost 20 years old. She had been staying young moving around with our yearling groups for the last couple years. Other than being a little slow, she seemed to be well and happy up until when we found her passed away on the ground. When animals pass away we burn them in a big magical fire until all that is left is their ash.

We took "Golden Girl", G028, to the processor last week and that went well. We are so thankful and grateful for the good life she had here on the farm and that all the custom beef share holders will get to enjoy her 100% grassfed & grassfinished - regenerative - organically raised meat. I told her this, as well as I could, upon her departure. Her custom beef shares completely SOLD OUT and there ended up being 26 share holders. Thanks to her and thanks to our share member holders!

Now, the new arrival in the On Line Custom Beef Shop is "First of Fall Rambler", L016. His shares are available for order until Sept. 15th. These custom beef shares will be ready the week of Oct. 3rd. This will be the last opportunity for customers to order Foothill Frolic Farm Beef Shares until 2023, so please think ahead and plan for keeping a little stock of meat in your freezer for the fall and winter. Everyone always enjoys a special roast for the holidays to share with friends and family, so keep this in mind as well. Thus far, the Steak and Roast Shares sell out fairly quick, so please take a look and try to order if you are interested. As there is the most volume of Ground Beef Shares, these take a little longer to sell out. When you as a customer place an order, you will not pay until the custom beef share is in your possession. So, for "First of Fall Rambler", this will not be until the week of Oct. 3rd. By ordering now, this ensures your custom beef share holding. If you do not order before Sept. 15th then the chance will have passed. Participating in Custom Beef Shares does call for a mindset change on how one goes about shopping for meat. Once one gets into the rythm though, it actually is less time consuming than having to shop for meat in the grocery every week, because you already have it available in your freezer.

Also, we are offering a FREE Local Delivery Special this time around, for those of you who purchase any combination of 4 custom beef shares or purchase $150. During check out, you will have the option to either still do an On Farm Pick Up or choose the FREE local delivery special. These local deliveries are for those of you living in the Tri Cities, within a 35 minute, 26 mile radius, from Foothill Frolic Farm. 232 Minga Road; Kinsport, TN 37663

Please take a chance and have a look at our Online Custom Beef & Potato Shop!

Thanks so much. Eat Well and Be Well. Until next Time,

Allison Mills Neal

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