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Popeye Power...can you guess?...Spinach!

Beautiful, tasty, and packed with Popeye power...can you guess?...Spinach!! The first picking of fresh new spinach greens has happened, variety called Giant Winter. Just little seeds these plants were back on February 21st and now here they are full grown. This spinach has such sweet flavor. If you try it, you will agree that it might just be the best Spinach you have ever eaten. Both adults and children alike will grab for more! Hopefully if Spring weather stays mild, Giant Winter Spinach should be a regular at the Self Serve Stand for the next few weeks.

Sold in 1/2 lb/8 oz Bags = $5.00

By the end of the weekend or even by the end today, one might find some French Breakfast Radish bunches at the Self Serve Stand as well. I noticed them getting about ready for their first pulling when I came in for the evening on Friday. Young Radishes are so nice that one can eat both the root and green top. Great addition whole to any salad to add beauty, spice, and texture!

Have a great weekend and eat lots of Foothill Frolic Farm on Gammon Creek's Spinach!

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