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Quarter (1/4) Beef Spotlight...$75 GIFT

Just listen to the yearling/2 year old herd grazing.....the squeaks & chomps heard when actually there in person come together in a sort of musical accord. Yes, this is what cattle love to do! All day long and even some through the night, they graze in beautiful pastures, lay down to rest in the shade, and then graze again. They love moving around in a group and grazing together, they communicate with each other, they groom each other, and they romp, run, and feel! They will be here for only 2 days and then on to the next paddock. Then to the next and the next and the next ,and every time they move they are getting a thick paddock of grasses, clovers, and forbs. They have been eating this way ever since March 31st of this year all because of our intensive management rotational grazing plan. This plays a huge role in the flavor and the dense nutrient profile of our regenerative -100% grassfed & grassfinished - organically raised custom beef. They started out like this too, being born right into our herds managed rotations, drinking Mamma's power packed milk, and learning how to rotationally graze like a champ.

You know, Foothill Frolic Farm farm's the way we do because we believe in whole cyclic food systems. We believe in nutrient dense-synthetic chemical free-"Clean" food. We believe in the beauty of nature and we want to uphold that natural beauty without polluting it with chemicals. We believe in feeding people with high quality, organically produced food, as this is what all humans should consume, no ifs, ands, or buts!! Food should be delicious, whole, and produced without synthetic chemicals. Who wouldn't agree with that? Farming this way is for all present and future generations and we want people in the Tri Cities community to be excited and partake in what is an every day of the year, never ending endeavor. The Beef Industry likes to say that it cannot be done, and would like to keep things moving on down the unsustainable, chemical based, industrialized chain, but our farm along with many others throughout the country are here to prove that LOCAL, Regenerative, Grassfed, organically raised Farming can sustain local families.

We are ever so thankful for our existing shareholder customers, but we can feed so many more. We are scaled to be able to feed 60-120 families a year depending on how much meat a particular family consumes. We want to be your source for LOCAL-REGENERATIVE-GRASSFED-ORGANICALLY RAISED Custom BEEF. Order NOW and have a your very own stocked custom beef grocery a couple steps away in your personal home freezer.

ONE FARM -- ONE FAMILY -- ONE BEEF ANIMAL -- YOUR HOME FREEZER, how simple and affordably luxurious all at the same time.

Also, when shareholders purchase a custom beef share, you are supporting the beauty of TN Farm land. When farm's cannot be farms, because they are no longer financially viable or there is no one left in the family that has an interest in the work that goes along with a farm, then we all are seeing what happens as they are sold and turned into development. Within the next five years, farm land within the TriCities is going to be disappearing at excelling rates. So when you purchase directly from a farm, like ours, instead of a chain grocery store, you are helping to preserve some of the historic backbone landscape of East TN.

With all that being said, let us


A Quarter Custom Beef is a great place to start, as it really gives such a good variety of cuts, without having to get a half or a whole custom beef.

As a GIFT FROM us to you, we are offering you $75 off a quarter custom beef share if purchased before our next processing date of Wednesday July 12th, by 7 am on that morning.

In the NOTE section just enter in GIFT$75 and we will take that off your total when you pay at pick up.

When this GIFT of $75 is utilized, all your custom beef edible cuts average out to about $7.51/lb. This really is a generous offering, that we hope many of you take part in, just so you can connect with a farm that produces the best possible beef you could feed your family here in the Tri Cities.

Most of the high quality, regenerative,100% grassfed, organically raised single source farm beef products are priced way higher, for example a quarter beef from an incredible farm out in Colorado, Parker Pastures cost Approx $1, 397.00. and this does not even include shipping!!

On the other end of the spectrum our custom beef just cannot be compared to the bulk grassfed beef that one can purchase in the $5.99-$6.99 price range at the grocery, as this is always mostly coming from old cull dairy or beef cows in a volume type industry. Plus, 100% grassfed beef is not synthetic chemical free, as there still can be many chemical applications made to the cattle and the land under this label. Now, there is nothing wrong with eating old cull cows as it is a good way to not have waste, but it is good for consumers to know the reason behind the price and the actual origin and age of the what you are actually getting in the package.

Currently, all our custom beef line ups are 2-2 1/2 years old and are in their prime custom beef butchering age, which puts them in a very high grade quality category, which is why all our custom beef prices are very fair, but our $75 GIFT to you helps to make our QUARTER CUSTOM Beef irresistible and accessible to ALL, in our hopes to offer high quality, whole food protein to ALL. Think, this approximate 84 lbs can last in your freezer for a year or more, so it cannot go bad!! Lastly, a quarter takes up only about 3 cubic feet of space, so a 3.5-4 cubic foot small freezer is all that you would need store your 1/4 custom beef. This is a very realistic and worthwhile pursuit to say the least.

We sure hope to be hearing from you soon about trying a Quarter Custom Beef Share from Foothill Frolic Farm on Gammon Creek!! Please reach out if you have any questions,

text Allie 423 483 7091

Until Next time, Eat Well and Be Well, and Please Share this $75 GIFT!!!

Allison Mills Neal from Foothill Frolic Farm

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