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SHOP NOW at New On-Line Beef Share & Veggie SHOP

Good Sunday afternoon to you all. Foothill Frolic Farm on Gammon Creek is excited to announce that our on-line Beef Share & Veggie Shop is now open.

This will be a great way for you our local customers to be able

to actively view what farm products are currently available.

Thanks to all that purchased a 1/34th Ground Beef Share! We SOLD OUT of this offering in about 2 weeks!! This was even without having our on-line farm shop up and going. We only heard back postitive reports from our customers on the 100% grassfed, regenerative, organially raised ground beef that they purchased. Come late August or a little earlier we will be having more of these Ground Beef Shares available.

Now Available 100% grassfed regenerative organically raised Beef Shares

"Upmost care and respect for our herd and land from birth to beef." "Beef with environmental integrity and great authentic flavor that is good for you."

Our New Beef Shares include Steak Shares, Roast Beef Shares, and Roast & Stew Shares. Shares are limited, so order yours while you can.

Also, it is potato digging time and therefore we have lots of Potatoes to offer. We are starting with the Adirondack Red Potatoes.

Without any further ado, please just visit our website

There is a new page titled Cattle Farming Practices that has lots of great information on our practices.

Plus you will for certain want to go to the new page titled Beef Share & Veggie SHOP.

Please pass this Post along!

If you have any questions please just send a text to 423 483 7091 or e-mail

Thanks so much and how grateful we are here for the wonderful rains we have received over this past week. A bright moment amidst the humid heat the first of the summer season brought.

If the Cows are happy...we are happy!

Until Next Time, Eat Well and Be Well,

Allison Mills Neal

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