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PreOrder your Regenerative and 100% Grassfed Custom Beef Shares Now...SHOP NOW/PAY LATER

A picture is worth a thousand words right?... A thumbs up from our family to yours, even down to the liver pate (pah-TAY). Imagine, if an 8 year old loves our beef's liver then you can sure bet on your thumb flying up too when you try our Rotationally Grazed Beef Cattle --

Regenerative and 100% Grassfed and Grassfinished.

Our new Logo/Branding made its way onto our labels just in time for the first Custom Beef Shares of "Black Joy Mamma", G7 to be picked up by her shareholders. She was the only Cow of our 2023 custom beef animal line up and WOW we are so proud and thankful for her.

Her ~80/20 ground beef was juicy, full of flavor, and contained that higher expected % of fat than our 2 year old's 90/10 ground beef.

Her 4.25 lb, bone in Ribeye Roast, that we cooked to perfection with 6 cups of water, long (12 hours) and low in the crockpot was really extraordinary for a 100% grassfed & grassfinished middle aged cow.

The day after cooking, once the fat had solidified at the top after being put in the refrigerator, I broke the layer of fat off and removed it and put it in a bowl up in a tree for the birds...Yes it is true, Birds love Beef Suet!

Then there was that beautiful rich and nourishing beef/bone stock that was used to cook greens in and to drink by itself in mugs...oh what a treat! We had to beam with pride when we knew that the only seasoning that was used in this Ribeye Roast preparation was 1 tsp of salt.

In Fact, if all this talk of yummy grassfed beef is making you hungry, now is the time to be thinking of preordering your custom beef share for May & June on Farm Pick Up/Local Delivery.

What is summer fun, without grilling out, smoking, and slow cooking meat. Our Beef is truly the easiest and tastiest item to add to your summer eatings. Our days our full and long, but as long as one has a stash of beef in a freezer and some good organic farm fresh, in season veggies, enjoyable healthy meals can be whipped up in a breeze with just a pinch of before hand planning.

As we are taking 3 beefs for harvest and processing on April 21st, to be on farm picked up/local delivered in May, preorders for these have already started coming in.

Out of the Traditional Variety Custom Beef Shares, there is only 1/4 (quarter) of an animal left,

(or 2 x 1/8ths or 4 x 1/16ths). Any of these would be a great introduction to our Custom Beef Shares if you have never experienced purchasing a Custom Beef Share before.

Then from our beef, "Two Fold Charm" G27, that we are offering in the Modern Mini Type Custom Beef Shares, there are still some:

Ground Beef Shares

Roast & Stew Shares

Organ/Suet Share

The Steak Shares, Marrow/Stock Bones Shares have already SOLD OUT, but NO WORRIES preorders are still being taking for June, July, August, and October.

We sure have been working hard this winter dually keeping our herds happy, healthy, well maintained and focusing on herd rotational management with hay feeding to promote on farm/closed system fertilization. Both the cattle and us have been clinging to the morning sunrises and evening sunsets that light up the brilliant green new grass growth. Despite knowing that there is still about 4 weeks until the earth's energy is at a level to produce pure green growth blankets for the cows to graze, there is promise in seeing the green grass blades and clovers starting to make their way upward after the winter dormancy.

Overall this winter season has been very mild, not many freezes at all and lots and lots and lots of rain. We had the one record freeze during Christmas and it was as if Old Man Winter blew out all his Northern Gust right then and there. This type of winter is hard to "wade through" to say the least, but because spring is in sight we can tolerate what winter is left, and have optimism of the seasons to come. We have been doing lots of over-seeding here over the last couple of weeks in between the rainy and dry spells, and thus far the rains have fallen in good temperament.

We are on the cusp of 2023 calving season. Our hope is to have our first calf on the first day of Spring, but as we know, only time will tell.

It is really beautiful to see when two generations, a Mamma Cow and her Heifer daughter, are expecting in the same calving season. Generally this happens with two exceptional females because for a heifer to be saved for breeding, she had to be all within herself exceptional and generally that means the Mamma Cow has been time proven to produce exceptional calves as well.

Here below is a winning pair captured in photo....The Baldy, white face black body, is known as "Boss Cow", L5 and there her daughter is, the beautiful Hereford, "Milkseed", L05H. Let us all wish the cows, first time heifers, and us their caretakers a productive and well calving season!

Please pass this Farm Note on to keep the word "a spreadin"

Eat Well and Be Well, and Until Next Time,

Allison Mills Neal

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